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Dan Weedin

Excellent article. As a risk management and insurance consultant helping organizations in this area, I found your examples to be terrific sources for me. Good work.

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At first, when the subject was not yet developed, ther was no general set of rules. However, as you write, today organizations understand that social media is part of their organization's culture, so they allow it, under defined rules


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They used to say be careful what you say as it can come back to bite you in a month. With social media, that time frame has changed to minutes. Excellent post, thanks for sharing!


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Jim Daniel

Interesting ponits. Perhaps cyber insurance is something that would have fit the bill in this case. It's something more insurers are offering nowadays and I believe it can cover social media in addition to security/data breaches.

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Excellent article because in facebook you are not private feel.Thanks for sharing.

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I am visiting your site on regular basis. I really know about new technology. I always keep in touch with your blog and going to bookmark also.

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Interressant publicatie. Vroeger controleerde ik erg vaak deze blog en ik ben geinspireerd! Erg nuttig met info vooral de laatste deel :) Ik behandel dit soort info wekelijks. Ik was dit soort informatie aan het zoeken voor een lange tijd. Bedankt en veel succes.

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